Covercrete North Shore | Concrete resurfacing for patios, pathways and driveways.
New surface directly on top of your existing concrete, No need to rip up your driveway, patio or pathways and start again, a cost effective solution that's fast and easy.
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Decorative Coloured Concrete Resurfacing

Covercrete North Shore is an exciting new company, offering an amazing product that’s set to transform driveways, patios and garages in the Auckland area.

Forget about an ugly, boring, grey concrete Patio. Instead think of an imaginative, colourful area in your home. Designed to complement your house beautifully.

Although this is relatively new for New Zealand, rest assured, the people behind Covercrete North Shore are not new to the business. In fact we have 25 years in the concreting industry, designing and constructing driveways throughout Australia, England and Ireland – so you know you are in safe, experienced hands.

We Can Transform Your Outside Space

Until now companies in New Zealand would only offer to do one thing to your concrete – rip it up and start again! Which costs a fortune, and you’re left with the same ugly product.

But with Covercrete North Shore you can turn your uninspiring concrete outdoor space into something affordable, stunning and practical.

We start by inspecting and measuring your area. Then discuss with you any surface repairs that need to be done. As well as the colours available, the design you’d like and finally, the overall desired finish.

Services: Acid washing. Waterblasting. Concrete repair. Decorative resurfacing. Resealing

Be The Envy Of Your Neighbours

Need inspiration on how to turn your boring old concrete into something amazing?

Just take a look at these examples. Or you can always plan your own individual design.

Get In Touch Now

Find out more about this awesome product, and our professional affordable services.  Simply send us an email – or give us a call. We’d be delighted to discuss your ideas with you and give you a no obligation quote.

6 Walnut Road

Riverhead 0820



Phone:    +64 21 832 486